Sunday, April 3, 2016

Van's 2nd Birthday

This guy turned two today (conveniently, opening day of baseball season!) Our sweet Van Jason. Our "last" baby. <--- That's a joke because as most people know, we've had another baby since Van. We never planned on him being a big brother, but let me tell you... he is the best big brother ever! He loves all of his siblings, but he loves the baby the most. He calls her "My Ellie" (and her name is the only one he can audibly say.) 

Look at this smile. Van is our easiest and happiest kid. He sleeps late in the morning; he goes down easily at night. He loves naps. He loves dance parties. He loves baths. He loves to read. He's just a lover. 

Today he got scrambled eggs for breakfast, got to play outside with his siblings, then we ran to town after I ran out of the spray paint I was using and still needed... so while we were there we got the kids a Little Caesars $5 Hot n Ready (because we are cheap so we've talked the kids into believing it's yummy). We took the pizza to a park to eat and play. He LOVED playing at the park so much that it was hard to drag him away, but we left the park to spend some Dairy Queen gift cards for birthday ice cream and that eased the tears. Ice cream was MESSY.... and I debated changing his clothes before taking these pics, but then thought, you know what? The ice cream on the shirt is a sign of a birthday done right! So... ice cream and all... enjoy these pictures from Van's second birthday. I can't believe he's two. 

Happy Birthday Vanny. Van Man. Bat Van. We love you!

Showing me how old he is today...

Showing older brother (my photography assistant right outside the frame) that the cat was around my ankles. 

Ugh just look at that sweet profile. He was watching the "moos". I just love this kid. 

These eyes.... these mischievous eyes... *swoon*

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