Tuesday, March 29, 2016

9 Tips to Help You Feel Awake & Energized!

I'm tired 99.9% of the time. Life is stressful right now. I won't go too much into that because that's not what you came to read but it's just the truth. On top of the stress, our youngest is a breastfeeding four month old and is zapping EVERY. LAST. OUNCE. OF. ENERGY (and sleep) I have.

Today, I stumbled out of bed, and took my kids to school in mens sweat pants and one of my husbands size 2X shirts. I looked a mess. Not even a hot one... just a mess. And I came back home and thought 'no. this is NOT how this day is going to go down!'

So, I got busy doing things that help me wake up, feel awake and energized... and I thought I'd write a blog post about them.

1.) Delegate

One morning, I rolled out of bed with enough time to make my kids lunches before they went to school, and to my surprise... my 11 year old had already made lunches for him and his 9 year old sister. I praised him for it... and ever since then it's become his unspoken task in the mornings! I buy the groceries... and I make sure there's a variety (peanut butter and jelly, ham/turkey and cheese) and I have a jar of things to grab and go (individual bags of chips/crackers/cookies, cups of applesauce, cheese sticks in the fridge, etc.) but that's where my part of lunch making ends. There is no reason why a school aged kid old enough to make their own lunch can't be doing it. Delegate! Get a few extra minutes of sleep this way. Ha!

2.) Get dressed and put on make up

I always always always feel more awake and ready to face a day when I'm dressed nicely. When I get out of bed looking like a tired frump and stay that way... then I'll feel like a tired frump all day long. When I don't get out of my grubby clothes all day, it feels easier to be lazy and more tempting to crawl back into bed for a nap. But if I'm dressed (and have make up on) I'm less likely to feel lazy and want to crawl back into bed.

3.) Eat a healthy (not a hearty, cause that will make you more tired) breakfast

You know how on Thanksgiving when you eat so much that you need to unbuckle your pants the next thing you want to do is hibernate for the winter with one really long nap?? That's cause of the big meal you ate. Eat a small healthy meal in the morning, and have more energy. Oatmeal. Granola. Fresh fruit. stuff like that. If you have other awesome morning food ideas... leave them in the comments! I love a good hearty breakfast every now and then... but not every day.

4.) Drink lots of water

Funny that I say that, because I have a haaaaaard time making myself drink enough water in a day. But... when I do make myself an ice water and make a concentrated effort to drink it, I do feel refreshed! A trick I've started doing to help myself enjoy drinking water more is adding Advocare Spark to my cup. Have you heard of the stuff. It's sooooo yummy! And it gives me just the spark of energy I need to get my booty going. My favorite flavors are the grape (tastes like purple sweet tarts) and limeade (NEW!) This post isn't about advertising for Advocare... but if you've never tried it and are interested let me know!

5.) Pump Up The Jam

Put some tunes on. Loudly if you need to! Sometimes I connect my phone via bluetooth to a sound bar in our living room to get myself and the rest of the house going when I'm doing chores. When I'm working on my computer I have iTunes on in the background. If I'm working in my shop, I have tunes to inspire me. One of my most recent favorites that I could listen to all day long is Lauren Daigle's How Can It Be album. LOVE LOVE LOVE

6.) Essential oils

Again, not a post to advertise oils, but we use Young Living and love them and I'd be happy to talk oils with you all day long if you're interested. Comment below! One of my favorite tricks for needing that pick me up boost though, is just to unscrew the cap off of a bottle of peppermint, close my eyes, and take a few really deep breaths in through my nose. Inhaling that yummy peppermint scent is known to make people feel more awake. It works, y'all.

If you don't have oils or aren't interested in using them, burning a favorited candle can do the trick to. But not something that's going to trigger a warm and cozy memory like cinnamon rolls. Ha! Choose to burn something that smells refreshing and energizing. One of my favorite candles is Bath & Body Works Island Nectar... but they don't sell it anymore. Waaaaah. So I have to ration how I burn mine cause when it's gone it's gone. Sad trombone. When I went to their website and typed in "Island Nectar" just now, it popped up Honolulu Sun which I've never heard of before. Hmm. I haven't smelled it yet but maybe it's the same thing as the old Island Nectar just with a new name? Must. Get. To. Bath. And. Body!

7.) Phone a Friend

ANYTIME I'm tired, calling my mom or husband instantly wakes me up! When I'm tired while I'm driving... same thing... pick up the phone. Funny story: recently on a long drive, I started to get tired. My husband was SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME but was doing a not so stellar job of helping me stay awake... so I called him! That's right... sitting right next to me, I called him. And he answered, and we talked like we were in separate places... and do you know I was instantly awake?? Weird I know... but it works for me and maybe it will work for you too.

8.) Open a Window or Put a Fan On

Cause fresh air is always nice and rejuvenating

9.) Chew Gum

And last but not least, if all else fails and you're seconds away from physically propping your eyelids up with toothpicks... try chewing some gum! Minty gum. Just try it.

And there you have it. If you can think of anything I left out... leave it in the comments!!

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