Saturday, February 6, 2016

Two Things

Two things:

1.) Today is my paternal grandma's 92nd birthday. She barely remembers who I am... but I called today to wish her a happy birthday.

When I opened up the contacts in my phone to get her number, I saw that I still have the phone number for my maternal grandma who died six years ago this March. Just for kicks, I dialed her old number. I don't know what I was going to say or do when someone answered the phone, but I assumed that six years later, surely someone else would have her old number. Instead of someone answering, I got an automated voice recording.... in Spanish. Not sure what that was all about, but I was relieved that I didn't have to either hang up on someone or explain why I was calling and sound crazy. I sure would have loved to have heard my grandma's voice pick up on the other end of the line. She was so knowledgeable and so much fun to talk to. She loved football... the Dallas Cowboys in particular... and would have had a lot to say about tomorrow's super bowl I'm sure. She had a contagious laugh. I miss her. I miss my kids knowing her.

2.) Jason shaved his beard into a goatee last night. HUBBA HUBBA! I'd been asking him for a while (before the wreck) to do it, and he kept telling me that he wasn't comfortable with his weight and would shave it once he lost weight. Well, landing himself in the hospital and not able to eat anything more than ice chips for ten days made him lose weight.... and not being able to walk has made him lose a bunch of muscle tone... so yesterday he felt comfortable enough to shave the beard into a goatee. I personally think he looks ten years younger which is funny because of what we now call his "face lift."

The "face lift" comes from a facial fracture Jason got during the wreck. On the night of the wreck, when I finally got to see Jason in ICU, this is what he looked like:

pretty, huh? Looking at that picture is still painful for me, because even though he's come a long way... the night this picture was taken was the beginning of our new normal. The night our lives changed forever... and he didn't even know it yet. He's so drugged in this picture he didn't even know that I was there or taking a picture. He has no memory at all of the first week in the hospital.  That nasty cut ended up being a facial fracture, and the way the plastic surgeon explained it to me a few days later, his facial structure looked normal at the time because it was so swollen, but she said that as time went on, if it wasn't fixed with surgery then as the swelling went down, it would look like Jason's eye was sunken into his head. So.... surgery it was.

The surgery required to fix his facial fracture and busted up sinuses meant that he had to literally be cut from one ear to the other along his hair line, and.... THEY PEELED HIS FACE DOWN to make sure that they kept the side they were working on symmetrical with the other side. I call it his zipper head.

um... ew.

The part that we've been getting a kick out of (gotta find that silver lining) is that when they pulled his skin back up to stitch him up, it's like he got a face lift! The wrinkles that he previously had on his forehead and the "crowsfeet" around his eyes, are now much less noticeable.

and so this new goatee....


A huge difference from this picture taken a few days after the surgery, huh?....

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