Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Go Be Love

I've been told that today is "Random Acts of Kindness Day."

Back in October of 2011, I blogged about how I had set out to do 31 acts of kindness on my 31st birthday. And yes... if you are doing the math, that means I am 35 years old. I titled the blog post "How I Spent My 31st Birthday." <--- click on underlined link to go read it now.

There was an anonymous commenter who said "It's not a random act of kindness if you set out to plan them." The comment was worded in such a way that made it sound like the commenter believes random acts of kindness are cool but to set out to be kind... INTENTIONALLY... isn't as cool. How sad. What the rude commenter missed, is that not once in my blog post did I refer to my acts as random. I had spent days making a list of what all I wanted to do that day. It was intentional in every way.

But here's the thing...

There isn't an "Intentional Acts of Kindness Day"

and why not?

"Random" acts of kindness get all the glory! There are even hashtags devoted to this trend (#raok). But what if we started a hashtag for being kind intentionally? what would we call it? #iaok? Or how about #ActingHowJesusExpectsUsTo.... #LivingHowMyMamaTaughtMe?

My point is... it's okay to be kind intentionally. Random acts of kindness are fun and good... it's nice every once in a while to randomly decide while sitting in a drive through line that you're going to pay for the guy behind you... but leaving your house PLANNING to be kind to someone that day... or multiple someones... how much more fun is that!!!?

So in case you get the urge to go be kind to someone today, INTENTIONALLY... click on the link above for some ideas. I especially loved going to the nursing home and blessing someone whose birthday was that day. The opportunities to show Christ's love intentionally are endless. Make a list.

Go Be Love.

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