Friday, January 15, 2016


Tonight, my family enjoyed an AMAZING ethnic meal.


One month ago tonight, Jason was in the wreck that changed our lives. At the time, our newborn baby was only three weeks old, and being exclusively breastfed. After Jason was life flighted to the hospital an hour and a half away from home, he was in ICU and unable to eat. Since he couldn't eat, dietary services didn't give him a menu or bring him a tray at mealtimes... and since he wasn't eating, I wasn't eating... which we all know isn't good for a breastfed baby.

All of the nursing staff knew that I had a newborn baby staying with me day and night in the ICU, and they all knew that I didn't leave Jason's side for any amount of time. One staff member in particular, a beautiful black woman named Velma, started asking me if I was eating anything and I admitted to her that besides some snack foods that had been brought up to me, I hadn't eaten a proper meal in a few days. She started scolding me "you need to eat for the baby!" and I'd say "I know, Velma. I will. I promise." And then the next time she saw me she would ask if I'd eaten yet and I'd have to admit that I hadn't.

One day, I asked Velma where she was from. She has a pretty thick accent. She told me that she's from West Ghana, Africa and I made a comment that I bet she could make some amazing ethnic food. Next thing I knew, she was telling me that if it meant I would eat, she would cook me an African meal. "Yeah right" I thought to myself... but it was sweet of her to threaten to cook for me. Ha!

A few days later... I was sitting in Jason's ICU room... it was well into the afternoon and I hadn't eaten anything at all yet that day... and the phone in his room rang. It was Velma! She said it was her day off, but she had cooked me a meal and she was going to deliver it to me in the hospital.


You guys! This woman, who I had never met before Jason's wreck... just a regular desk employee at the hospital... cooked me a homemade meal!!!! And not only that, but not knowing me from Adam, she gave it to me in a really nice dish just completely trusting that someday I'd get it back to her.

And. It. Was. Amazing. It was some kind of spiced chicken legs on a bed of seasoned rice with lima beans and green beans and oh my goodness it was so yummy.

It was so much food that I filled my belly that day, and that night when I drove home to see my kids, I took the rest and put it in the freezer, so that once Jason was home he could try the amazing dish.

Tonight, he got to try it. That meal... that one amazing act of love to a patient's family... blessed me that night... and again tonight. It was so above and beyond her job responsibilities.

I am blessed to know Velma, and that meal we prayed over tonight will never be forgotten.


  1. That is so heart warming. We need more people like her in the world.

  2. Jesus with skin on, I love it! It should happen more often. I should be it more often. I am inspired!


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