Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Superwoman Status

I'm truly feeling like a super woman tonight.

Today is January 12th. Tomorrow Jason will have been home from the hospital for one week and three days from now marks one month since the wreck. Sitting in a hospital setting for three weeks makes time stand still. Many times we wouldn't even know what day it was as every day was the same and one day ran right into the next. So three weeks later when we came home, it was weird to see that life went on and all the sudden here we are almost a month out from the wreck. Sitting in the house every day, only getting out to take kids to or pick them up from school has started getting painstakingly monotonous to me.

Yesterday, Jason's occupational therapist that came to the house suggested using some 10 lb weights to maintain arm strength since he's mainly using his arms to get around (transfer from bed to wheelchair to couch etc.) Well... we didn't have any 10 lb weights at the house. Then today, the physical therapist that came out said getting out of the house would be good for Jason's mental health.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

This afternoon, I got a seven week old baby, a one year old, and a three year old into the vehicle...then I helped Jason into the vehicle for the first time unsupervised... and got his wheelchair into the back of the suburban all by myself! We went and picked up the older two kids from town.... and drove thirty miles away to a bigger town with stores. While we were there, I successfully got five kids and my wheelchair bound husband out of and back into the vehicle not once... but TWICE! We even took on Wal Mart! Somebody get me a cape.

I at least deserve an honorable mention for Woman Of The Year in Time or People magazine, right??

Today Wal Mart... Tomorrow, the world.

For the record... Jason was NOT emotionally ready to get out and fought me on it but I insisted after the physical therapist said it would be good for him. He was pretty uncomfortable in the car ride there and back... and I imagine we won't be getting back out for a while. But for tonight, we made it work.

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