Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Josie's On A Vacation Far Away

.... quick.... what song is that?

If you guessed "Your Love" by The Outfield then you'd BE RIGHT!

And if you automatically guessed that I'd recently seen the movie Tammy then you'd be right again!

Last night my step daughter and I went and saw Tammy.

Don't roll your eyes at me for seeing it with my step daughter... she's 18... and married... and totally the perfect person to see a stupidly trashy movie with.

It was what I needed right now.

Except now I'm wanting to use filthy language like "c'mon, let's shake a tit."

But that would only embarrass the crap out of my modest good old farm boy husband.

But then again... he knows me by now.

Just roll with it, baby!

Hey... my blog title says I'm keeping it real on our farm... so this is me... keeping it real.

And I do look like crud today! (<---- another Tammy reference)


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Shake a tit!

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