Thursday, June 26, 2014

Do Something

Recently, we were in the car listening to KLOVE radio and the song Do Something by Matthew West came on. I was deep in thought (as I tend to do in the car) and was only half listening to the lyrics. At the time, it was a newer song and I hadn't yet listened to the whole thing through to form an opinion but my ten year old piped up from the back seat that he didn't like the song. So, I asked him why and his response was "He is mocking God! He sings that he shook his fist at God." Well, without having heard it myself I didn't know what to say to him....

Fast forward a couple of weeks later and I'm back in the car listening to KLOVE when an interview comes on with Matthew and he explains what the song says. Then, they played the song, and I really listened to the words for the first time... and I really like it!

First chance I had, I sat my son down and explained to him what the song is trying to say. And in case you haven't ever heard the song I'll give  you the quick explanation:

In the song, Matthew sings that with all of the poverty and slavery in the world, he shook his fist at God and said "Why aren't you doing anything about this?" and God's response was: "I did. I created you."

We are supposed to be God's helpers; His stewards, to bring love, comfort, peace, help, healing, etc to the hurt, the dying, the widows, the orphans etc. and when I explained it to Levi, a light bulb went off in his head. "Ooooooohhhh!!!"

Tomorrow, my baby sister is getting on a plane to Cape Town, South Africa. She is literally living the calling out. I'll be living vicariously through her; following her adventures and reading her blog.

Now, I understand that not all of us (maybe we have four young kids still at home? No? Just me?)  can hop a plane to Africa... but there are soooooooo many ways right here in America to help others. Get involved!! Because... If not us then WHO? If not now then WHEN? RIGHT NOW is the time to DO SOMETHING.

If you haven't heard the song, I recommend you find it and listen. It's got a great message... and is catchy too!

Tess.... this hand lettered love is for you! Stay safe... and have fun!!!

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