Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Letters To My Children

Dear Van,
One day you'll be a grown man with a family of your own and I'll look back and wish you were a baby again so I could hold you and rock you and smell your sweet baby smells and hear your sweet baby grunts. And I'm holding onto that truth because today; today my arm feels like it's going to fall off and I'm wishing you'd let me put you down without screaming your head off. *sigh*
Love, your tired Mama.

Dear Jentry,
One day our house will be empty and quiet and I'll wish there was a little blond headed girl here to keep me company and talk my head off. And I'm trying to hold onto that truth because today; today you've already made a million and one messes which are hard to clean up one handed... the other hand being occupied by your screaming little brother. I love your energy but some days it's just too much. *sigh*
Love, your frazzled Mama

Dear Audrey,
Being a parent is freaking hard! I hope you know that his morning was as hard on me as it was on you, but tough lessons need to be learned with tough love. *sigh*
Love, the mama with a heart in a million pieces

Dear Levi,
When did you grow up? Fifth grade next year? I didn't ok this. I'm looking at Van in my arms and remembering comforting you like this... a decade ago. *sigh*
Love, Mama

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  1. Oh so precious and I so remember all the same thoughts and feelings.


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