Friday, February 28, 2014

Things I Learned In February

1. I learned this month that my husband makes really good homemade pizza. I mean, REALLY GOOD! I've eaten original deep dish pizza in Chicago. I've eaten original thin crust pizza in New York City. I've eaten pizza in Europe... not in Italy, but sitting under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. And, I'm here to tell you all honestly that my husband's ranks right up there with those! And I'm not talking about crust from a packaged mix or sauce out of a can. No! He sent me a text a couple of days before Valentine's Day asking what I would choose if I could have any candlelit supper I wanted. My response: PIZZA! He didn't think that sounded very romantic but he set out to create the most  wonderful candlelit pizza supper I've ever eaten. The night before, he made homemade dough to rise overnight that he turned into the crust the next day. Also the night before, he simmered his own homemade sauce on the stove making sure it was just perfect before he jarred it and put it in the fridge. And on Valentine's night, he put the kids in a room with a movie and stove top popcorn with Valentine's colored M&M's in a heart shaped bowl which kept them out of the kitchen long enough to let us enjoy the lit candles and cloth napkins that had been set out with romantic music softly playing on iTunes and ice cold Pepsi... in wine glasses. :)   I love my man so much! And I love his love for cooking. I love that we have three boys he's setting a great example for so that one day they will also cook a fabulous Valentine's meal for their pregnant wives! And to my future daughters-in-law... you are welcome :)

2. I learned this month that I'm going to be a stepmother-in-law! Over Christmas, my step-daughter's boyfriend gave her a "promise ring" so we knew it was coming, but they officially got engaged this month. And, since he's in the Marines they could be getting married as early as this summer! Lord help me. A high school graduation, a new born baby, and a wedding all within weeks/months of each other!

Some pics I took of them while he was home for Christmas break: (And sidenote: we really really like him. :)



3. I learned this month that our 20 month old has an extensive vocabulary for her age. I knew she talked a lot but I guess I didn't realize how much until others started making comments about it, and then when I took her this month for her well child check-up, the pediatrician even commented about how much and how well she speaks. So, more for my personal records, I'm going to document here the words that she regularly knows and uses (meaning without being asked to repeat after us)

Mommy, Daddy, Mamaw, Pawpaw, Ugie (Logan), Jacob, Yaya (Levi), Audrey, Buddy, Sissy, Jentry, Baby, Brother, Potty, Poopoo, Peepee, Shooie (when something stinks), Ewwww, Diaper, Cow, Bear, Shoes, Hat, Hungry, Snack, Milk, Water, Tea, Ice, Pizza, Apple, Bar Bar (granola bar), Chip Chip (chocolate chip), Ready, Go, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Hair, Belly, Back, Feet, Toes, Hand, Teeth, Lips, Lap, Finger, Up, Down, Drop, Book, Read, Please, Thank You, Sorry, No, Yes, More, Uh-oh, Naughty, Pretty, Ok, Puppy, Cat, Meow, Horsie, Moo, Quack Quack, Monkey, Elmo, Ernie, Abby, Big Bird, Cookie, Oscar, Cookie, Chair, Shower, Door, Help, Hi, Bye, Later, Night Night, Sleep, Nap, Paci, Play, Ball, Tessie (her Aunt), Nana (Her aunt Jana), Pray, God, Amen, Yes Ma'am, Remote, Tractor, Car, Bed, Hurt, Hold, Me, You, Trash, I do (her way of saying I love you), Hot, Good Job, Helper, Dip, Popcorn, More, Socks, House, Room, Bite, Owwwie, Yummy, Oops, Why, Truck, Ball, Hug, Kiss, See Ya, Juice, Fridge, Shirt, Buckle, Banana, Buckle, Boots, Walk, Yogurt, Look, Here, Keys, Window, Backpack, One, Two

If I counted right, that's 144 words/phrases. And more every day!

And those are the three biggest things that I learned this month. :)

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