Monday, February 10, 2014


Not much blogging has happened in the last week or so, and I'll tell you why...

Well, first of all we were out of school ALL last week due to "inclement weather." I'm not even sure what inclement means... but a foot of snow on top of ice sounds like a good definition of it!

So that meant that all of the kids were home from school. And inside (cause temps were tooooo cold to play outside). For nine days. We baked, and made forts, and watched movies, and read, and took naps, and drank a hundred gallons of hot chocolate, and made awesome Lego creations.

But we did not blog.

It's reeeeeeaally hard to blog when I sit down and my 19 month old comes up and asks to me "pay" (translation: play) with her.

I look into those big brown eyes smiling up at me so brightly and I feel guilty that soon there will be less time to play because we will have a newborn. Her days of youngest child are quickly coming to an end. So what's more important right now? Creating the perfect blog post or "paying" with my sweet sweet baby. Yeah, no brainer.

So, I waddle my big pregnant self down onto the floor and we "pay" and she brings me books and asks to sit in my "yap" and "wead." And, we read and read and read, but there's not much yap left.

And that's why there's not been much blogging going on. Please forgive me. I'll try to be better about it... but my family will ALWAYS come first :)


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