Monday, September 9, 2013

"19 Kids, But Who's Counting?"

I had the baby with me in town today and it was just me and her. An older gentleman was oohing and cooing over her and then he looks at me and says "14 months?" So I said " She IS 14 months! Wow, you're good!" He went on to tell me that he has 19 kids so he's kind of an expert at knowing kids' ages. He said "I've had a 14 month old, 19 times." I was in awe and didn't even know what to say so I just said "wow." Then, I followed that up with, "You didn't have your own T.V. show though did you?" "No, thank goodness!" He said. I said "19 Kids and Counting" to which he replied "our motto is "19 Kids, But Who's Counting?" Ha! I said "After 19 kids, I bet you start LOSING count! Do you call them all by the right name?"

Then... he told me his story...

He had six boys with his first wife, but she was killed in a car accident. Two years later he got remarried and his new wife said "I know you have a lot of kids... but can we try for one more?"

"So..." he said... "we did! Thirteen more times!"

 Bless his soul.

I didn't tell him that Jentry is the baby of 5 kids. When people see me/us out with just her they assume that she's my/our only child. I like to watch eyes pop when I tell them she's the baby of 5, but this guy today has 19 kids! I couldn't impress him.

The last thing he said to me was: "and they are a blessing... every single one of them."

I don't know who that guy is, where he's from, or why he was eating lunch in our small town... but I wished I could have stayed and talked more. As it was, our to-go order came up and I needed to get my "only child" home for lunch.

But I'm glad that in that small moment, our paths crossed, and we were in the same place at the same time.

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