Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gold Ink Hand Lettering

today is my little sister's birthday.

In honor of that (or honour as they say where she lives in England, poor thing) I've done some playing around with gold ink in my hand lettering and did a fun party quote by Julia Child.

I've also started a Tumblr account to keep these hand lettering pics in if you are interested in keeping up with my progress.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Time That My Computer Hard Drive Crashed

Been wondering where I've been?


my computer had a little accident that completely destroyed my hard drive. Boooo. It was completely unrecoverable (meaning, I lost everything on it). Stinks, huh? I guess a good thing about being such a social media fanatic is that I have several pictures on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts that I can copy back on to my new hard drive... but there's three years of other lost pictures and documents on my old hard drive. So, I'm trying not to think about that too much. *sigh*

In the meantime while my computer wasn't accessible, I started dabbling in some hand lettering. Well, I say I "started" but really it's been something I've done all of my life. I love handwriting. I love fonts. I love typography. I love seeing them in design. I've literally missed whole sections of lectures in college because I was perfecting my handwriting in my notes. I've doodled and played around with writing literally since I could hold a pencil. Yesterday I bought some calligraphy tools but mainly I've just been using old pencil and pen medium. I'm enjoying it and trying to do at least one hand lettered something or other every day.

Here is today's:

Want to see more? Follow me on Instagram. My user name is BexInTheCountry, and I've been posting all of my pen and ink creations there.

also: my new blog header is hand lettered. I doodled it on paper one day, loved it, scanned it into my computer, and used it as my header.
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