Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wood Pallet Love

I see things on Pinterest or in magazines all the time that use old wooden pallets as their media and I just love them.

I've been wanting to do something with a pallet for a long long (yes, that's two longs) time but just didn't know what I wanted to do. So I waited.... and hoped... and dreamed... I wanted it to have just the right look and I wanted it to have a saying on it, which, of course, had to be just the right saying.

... and then one day I was on Pinterest and came across one that I loved (link at the bottom of this post)

For two seconds I thought about changing something on it to make it my own... but I loved her version so much that I just basically copied it. She got the idea from another blog (link to that also at the bottom of this post) and in their version they used yellow and black. They also used plain wood boards that you could buy and cut down from Lowe's. The pinner I got the idea from used a wood pallet. Then, she switched up the colors to yellow and white (which I like better). Also, did you know that yellow is the first color that your eye will naturally be drawn to in a room? True story. I changed the font... I guess you could say that's how I made it mine. Ha! Oh... and also, she used a silhouette machine to cut out her stencils and I don't have one of those. So, in this post I'll show you how I did it. Maybe you'll find some inspiration.

So, I started with a wood pallet that hubby had out in the shop.  He had ordered a huge load of fertilizer? feed? I dunno... something salty though... and it was delivered on this old pallet

I loved that it was old, and worn. Basically, real and authentic. So, I didn't try to sand it down or clean it up in any way. I just started disassembling. It was also, however, splitting at the edges. So, disassembling turned out to be more of a nightmare than I thought.

I Googled "how to disassemble a wood pallet" and watched a couple of YouTube videos before deciding to try the hammer/pry bar method. Needless to say... it was a pain in my neck (literally... and lower back) and I'll be asking for a reciprocating saw for Christmas this year (or if I ever decide to do another project that requires disassembling a wood pallet.)

Hey, here's a thought: Someone out there needs to start a business disassembling and selling old pallet wood to people who want to use the wood but don't have the time/energy/materials to it on their own! You can thank me later for that idea when you're rollin' in the dough.

Anyway, so I disassembled the pallet and then chose the boards I wanted to use for my sign and laid them out like so:

Ok, now here's where things got tricky again.See how a lot of my boards split... one right down the middle even? Well, that would never do. So, I needed to glue them somehow, only, I didn't have any wood glue. I was smack in the middle of a project that I wasn't willing to abandon and I live too far from anywhere that I could get wood glue quickly. So I improvised... I used Gorilla Glue.

Bad idea!

Did you know that Gorilla Glue expands? Yeah, well, it does. So after I had it all glued together and vice grips to hold the pieces in place... hours later when I went to check on it there was big globs of yellow foamy glue on my project! And it had hardened! Plus it was all over my hands and that stuff doesn't wash off for DAYS!

I decided to work around it anyway, in hopes that I could chip it or sand it off later.

After my boards were all pieced together the way I wanted them, I laid them out one by one onto two boards that would become the back, and nailed them down.

The next step was the lettering. The pinner I got the idea from used a Silouette machine. I don't have one of those. I do have a Cricut, but since the letters vary in shape and size from one line to the next I knew that that idea would'nt work. So what I decided to do was lay out the lines in Photoshop and print the letters off from there one by one. It took A LOT of trial and ERROR to get it looking exactly how I wanted and spaced good.

First I had this:

 But, I didn't like how the word BELIEVE was squatty. I wanted those letters to be longer. And I wanted THE WORLD to be squattier. That's a word, right?

Aaaaah, this is better:

Wait, THE WORLD isn't squatty there. One more try and I finally got it right.

After the letters were printed out to my satisfaction, the next step was to cut them out,lay them out where I wanted them on my boards, stencil around them, and fill them in with paint. As far as paint, I just used craft paint from WalMart. Nothin' fancy.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to projects and there are a lot of mess ups in this one. I hope that you either don't notice them or they add to the beauty of it. Either way, I love it. It hasn't found a permanent place in our home yet though. Still working on that. 

As promised, here is the LINK to the blog I got the idea from on Pinterest. I love her blog. If you visit, tell her I sent ya! You might just find other projects over there to inspire you.

Also, here is the LINK to the original blog that she got the idea from

And, here is the LINK to a blog I found that has a good tutorial on how to disassemble pallet wood with a reciprocating saw, plus other cute things to do with pallet wood.

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  1. This is a great project!! I would love for you to share at my Tasty Thursdays linky party and GIVEAWAY. Going on until Sunday. Hope to see you there and spread the word!! Thanks, Nichi – The Mandatory Mooch

  2. thanks for the invite! I'll check it out :)

  3. Wow, I love this project!! So nice...
    Hope you come to the party and share it, it would be great to feature you!

    1. Lyuba, I would LOVE to be featured! Heading over there now to share it. Thanks!

    2. just now seeing this comment... YAY!!!!! Thanks :)

  4. So cute, I pinned one like this a long time ago and I love it! Good for you for getting it done! You did a great job!


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