Friday, April 5, 2013

Run Becky Run!

Tomorrow the hubs and I, and both of our boys (ages 14 and almost 9 in a few days) will be running a Glow Run 5K.

So if you never hear from me again it's because I died.

I keed I keed (I hope)

Now you need to know that neither my hubby or I are big runners. I ran cross country in high school but to be honest I hated every minute second of it. It was a Fall sport and I only did it to stay in shape for soccer in the Spring, which I LOVED.

Since high school though, I've not ran very much. Once upon a time I signed up for a rock n' roll half marathon and started training for that. I was up to running six miles (of the 13.1) and then found out I was pregnant. So I stopped. I know that realistically a lot of people keep running throughout their pregnancies (and there's that one crazy lady that ran a full marathon nine months pregnant and then left the race at the finish line to go deliver her baby. Props to her!) but I already wouldn't have considered myself a runner... and I was paranoid. So, I kept the tank top that the half marathon people sent me for registering and then I didn't run it. (That's normal, right?) I've also never worn the tank top because somehow I feel like I'd be lying. Like it'd look like I'm wearing a tank top out of pride for running a half marathon that I didn't actually run. You get me? But I kid you not I still have it. (That's NOT normal, right?) And my daughter who I'd just found out I was pregnant with way back then... she turns SEVEN in like nine days. That's an awful long time to be hanging on to a tank top that I've never worn for a race that I never ran, dontcha think?

I'm kinda weird like that.

Anyway, since then there've been a handful of times when I've dedicated myself to running. After said daughter was born, for instance, I'd go running with my sisters a lot. That really helped me to lose the baby weight from her and it was good quality bonding time with my sisters.

Now that my newest baby is nine months old, I figure I don't have anymore excuses for not running. I have a perfectly capable body. I live on a beautiful dirt road that's perfect for running on and thanking God for His beautiful creations at the same time (win/win). I own an iPod/iPhone and have an extensive playlist for running. And as of last week I have a dope new pair of running shoes!

See? (the white stripes on the Asics logo even glows in the dark! How cool!)

So, I signed up to run a Glow Run 5K. But I figured it'd be funner to run it with other people I know vs. solo, so I lovingly talked my hubby and our boys into it. The 8 year old was an easy sell. Running is his strong suit. He smokes everyone in his age group at school without breaking a sweat. No one ever wants to play tag with him cause they know they can't catch him.

Why a Glow Run though? I figured if my first 5K back into running I sign up for a fun one, the more likely we are to actually ENJOY it and be more apt to do another one. And then another one. And then maybe a 10K. And then maybe a half marathon. And then... eventually... *gulp*... a full marathon. Yep, I said it. That's on my bucket list and let's face it, I'm not getting younger.


If I'm ever going to get my legs rockin enough to (proudly) wear these bad girls to a wedding this summer I'm going to have to do a LOT of running.

So, there's my motivation!

The run is at night (hence: Glow Run) so we'll be getting back late. But, I'll hopefully post on Sunday and let you all know how it went.

The pictures that I attached to this post are from my Instragram and if you're not following me over there yet, you really should @BexInTheCountry

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