Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nothing Like Waiting Til' The Last Minute

This morning, Hubby and I sat down and worked on our taxes. We have an appointment today with our "tax lady." Yeah... we waited until the last minute to make an appointment and then yeah... we got ready for the appointment ON THE DAY OF. Cause, that's how we roll.

And to be 100% completely honest here... I didn't even make the appointment myself. I got a text message from a friend who works at the tax office that literally said "Hey, I was going over the list of who was left for taxes and you were on it? Want to set up an appointment?"

Two things:

a.) How sweet is it that I got that kind of text in the first place? One of the many reasons I love small town living. I can almost guarantee city folks don't get a text like that from their tax office. (I said ALMOST guarantee. I obviously don't live in the city so I don't know. But I'm guessing they don't have a personal relationship with their tax lady.)

b.) I almost laughed out loud that she put the question mark after "you were on it?" Like, that surprises her. Hahahahahaha. Funny.

So, we are getting our taxes done today. And, here's what I would love to buy with our refund:

Faux Wood Beams for a Kitchen re-do
 Photo Courtesy of AZ Faux Wood Beams

 Handscraped hardwood flooring for a Kitchen re-do
 Photo Courtesy of Lumber Liquidators

 Camera Equipment

But in reality, here's where the money will probably go:

Photo Courtesy of Google Images. Gas is more expensive here than what it represented in this picture!

What about you? How are you spending your tax refund this year?

Just for grins, here's a picture of our adorable little tax deduction this year

June 2012


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