Friday, April 19, 2013

Lessons In Life From a Nine Month Old

I need to start this blog post by saying that our house isn't really baby proofed.


Before the baby came along, our youngest was 6.

In our living room we use three tubs, lined up end to end stretching from a couch to a chair on the opposite wall. This use to serves as a barrier and baby J couldn't get out of the living room. It contained her to a big enough area to play in without feeling trapped. Because, for the record, she hates exersaucers, high chairs, swings, or anything else that doesn't let her go go go.

So the three tubs are 1.) a basket of toys 2.) a tub of board books 3.) a Rubbermaid full of clothes she's grown out of. Yes, this third tub should be in the basement and I even made every effort to put it there... but we needed a third tub for our make-shift wall so it ended up staying upstairs. And until just recently our system worked great. It was high enough that it kept baby J contained, but it was low enough that the other kids and us adults could step over the tubs to get into the living. Win/Win

Well, the other day I was in the kitchen and hubby was in the living room keeping an eye on the baby. He left the room for ONE SECOND to bring something into the kitchen and while he's standing in the kitchen we hear this pitter patter that we instantly recognized as little hands slapping the vinyl kitchen flooring as the baby was crawling into the room. CRAWLING INTO THE ROOM? The barrier was up! Baby was supposed to be contained to her play area!

So we picked her up and put her back and we quickly figured out her trick...

She was climbing INTO the tub of books, and climbing back out on the other side.


She's done it a couple of other times since then and this morning, I decided to snap some pictures. I secretly think it's the cutest thing ever and want to have photos to document this stage of her life where we can't contain her to one room anymore.

But it also got me thinking of how I myself have been in a much similar situation lately.

You see, I've climbed into a box

I'm not sure how long I've been in the box. But I'm desperate to get out. I want to start thinking "outside the box!"

I'm ready for the creativity to flow wildly again like it once did. I'm ready to start MAKING THINGS HAPPEN!

Until recently I was happy as a clam to stay in the little box I'd climbed into to. I could sit there and read my books and clap my hands.

I could stay there and make cute faces at people and laugh.

I could get brave and stand up and even bounce up and down.

But, that's where the braveness ended, because, well, I'm in a box. And it's small.

And it gets boring. And eventually you want to climb back OUT of the box.

Maybe even onto higher things...

And that's where I'm at now. Climbing out of my box and onto higher things. Who knows the things I'll be able to see and get into from up higher.

Wish me luck! It can be scary on higher things because if you're not careful...

... you can fall off...

The Shabby Nest

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