Friday, April 12, 2013

Good Morning. A Few Random Thoughts

There's really no point to the picture in this post except for that isn't it some blogging rule that posts should have pictures with them or they aren't exciting to read? So, there's mine. And I dare you to find a cuter picture on the web. I mean, really. 

Hubby got the kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door to school this morning, letting me sleep in until it was time to say goodbye to them before he drove them into town. He knows better than to leave without letting me make sure our first grade daughter has brushed her hair and her clothes match say goodbye. Yes, the bus runs out here but our kids go to a small K-12 school and when I found out that my kindergartener (at the time) would be on the same bus as Seniors in high school that don't drive, I said no way! I know I can't protect and shelter them forever. I know they see and hear stuff every day going to a public school that I would cringe at. But this one little thing of riding a bus vs. driving them into town is something I CAN do. So, we make the very small sacrifice to get them out the door and into town and then back again every single school day. And it's worth it to me, I don't care how high gas prices get! If I had it my way I'd homeschool, but that's another topic for another day. Let's just say I'm totally envious of people that get to do that.

So hubby is now out in the tractor somewhere feeding hay to our cows, the baby is down for her morning nap, and here I sit with my first cup of coffee. First place I log into every morning is BlogLovin' to catch up on the blogs I frequent. (Do you follow me there yet? Click the link on my sidebar!) This morning, one of them linked to another blog and from there I discovered a whole wealth of blogs that I didn't know about! BlogLovin' has got to be spazzing out right now from all of the new follows I did this morning.

Oh my goodness I can't even make this up... Right after I typed that last sentence about my computer spazzing out, my wireless keyboard crapped out! I had to change the batteries in it. Ha!

Which made me think... Do any of you ever have this conversation in your house?:

Kid: "mama can I have ten double A batteries?"
Me: "Sure, if you buy them yourself!"

Am I the only mean mother who makes her kids buy their own batteries? Those things are expensive, yo! And someone is ALWAYS needing batteries around here for something! My bark is really bigger than my bite. I almost always end up giving in and letting them have some of my battery stash. I'M WEAK!

Anyway, I digress.

I want to know... what blogs are you crushing on this week??  I love finding new blogs to read. If you want me to read yours... leave a comment with a link back to your blog! We might just be new friends :)

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