Monday, April 15, 2013

Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

I am excited to share this project today not only because I love it, but because it's an original idea! This is not one I found on Pinterest or "stole" from someone else. In fact, I made these invitations a few years ago before Pinterest was even a twinkle in her mama's eye.

When our youngest son was 3 - 4-ish years old he was going through a dinosaur phase so I created these cards as invitations to his dinosaur themed 4th birthday party. Well, as birthday parties do, the guest list kept growing and growing and I didn't want anyone to feel left out by not receiving a handmade invitation so... I never sent any of them. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?

But all these years, I've held on to them and recently met a little boy who was getting ready to turn four and LOVES dinosaurs! So... I graciously gave them to his mama. I hope she sent them out, unlike me!

And that little boy of mine who loved dinosaurs... will turn NINE in nine days! Waaaaah.

Ok, so here's how I made the cards...

1.) First I Google searched images of dinosaurs. I stuck to the ones that most people have heard of: T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, etc. 

2.) Next, I laid a piece of regular (not cardstock) scrapbook paper over my computer screen and drew the outline of the dinosaur and just a few details. The backlight from the computer screen acted as the perfect light box! Now, back then I had just a standard desktop computer. You know... the clunky kind that takes up the whole desk! Now, I have a sleeker more modern computer and one of its fancy characteristics is a touch screen. I don't know if there's a way to turn that option off, but when it's on it wouldn't work for this project. So if you have a touchscreen computer you might want to look into that. Also, if you know how to turn that option off (if turning it off is even an option) please let me know how!

3.) After I had the dinosaurs drawn onto the paper, I cut around the drawing, leaving just a tiny tiny (yes, that's two tinys) margin. Then I used that cut-out as a stencil to lay onto thicker cardstock (of a different but coordinating color), traced around it, and cut that out. If you lay the original tracing cut-out onto the cardstock cut-out and offset them just a little bit, the cardstock will look like a shadow behind the original drawing.

4.) For the letters spelling out the number four, I used some cardstock scrapbooking letters as stencils and draw the letters onto the same paper I was using for the dinosaurs and then cut them out. Remember though, this was six years ago, before I owned a Cricut. But if you own a Cricut or Silouette machine (or something similar) I would definitely save time by going that route.

5.) To put them all together I arranged them onto blank cards and I made sure to make each one different, not that anyone else would know... but I knew and I thought it made them original, unique, special and fun. I made some to open vertically and made some to flip open horizontally.

and because I'm a perfectionist when it comes to crafting... I made my own coordinating envelopes gluing the same paper I used for the dinosaurs to the inside.

And there you have it! Of course, don't just stick to dinosaurs. These cards could be made in a variety of themes. Just pick a basic image with not too many details.

Happy card making!

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