Monday, April 8, 2013

5K Re-Cap

Well we survived our first 5K and I'm happy to say we are all eager to run our next one. No, we don't have a next one lined up yet, but we have been on the internet looking for one we'd like to run next.

I'm thinking THIS ONE which is two days after my birthday.

I'm also thinking I'll buy my son entry to THIS ONE as a birthday present. He's turning nine this month. NINE! He LOVED doing this Glow Run. Like, literally, running another one is all he can talk about. He proudly wore his Glow Run 5K shirt to school today along with the medal all race finishers received.

So... here are some of my 5K random thoughts, and I'll finish this post with some pictures.

~ I had both my iPhone and my iPod on me. The race wasn't timed so I figured I'd listen to music through my iPod and time myself with my iPhone (yes, I could have done both with just the iPhone but the iPod has different music stored in it). Well, turns out making a race playlist was a waste of time. The race was so fun on its own that I never even got the iPod out. The ear buds never made it into my ears! They had music playing along the route in Glow Zones and that, along with the banter of other runners, talking with Levi as we ran side by side, and passersby cheering us on... I didn't ever need my own music!

 (Glow Zone)

~ When I say "honey I won't leave you behind if you need to walk" to my husband, what I REALLY mean is "honey I won't leave you behind if you need to walk as long as you don't need to walk before I'm ready." Oops. He forgave me :)

~ Doing 3.1 miles wasn't near as hard as I thought it would be. I hadn't really been training and I sure wasn't up to running three miles but I'd psyched myself into it being tortuous and it really wasn't. I thought there would be mile markers along the way and there wasn't but at some point, a lady running behind me was tracking mileage on an app and I heard her say to her friend "ok, this is a mile and a half" and I remember being pleasantly surprised that I still felt good (and was still running).

~ my eight year old doesn't run out of energy! Like, ever. Running three miles was a breeze for him. I don't think he got short of breath at all. Or even broke a sweat!

~ As I was getting ready to cross the finish line, I heard Justin Bieber playing and remember thinking to myself (and saying out loud) "Please tell me I don't have to finish this race to Justin Bieber!" (I did)

~ Would subscribing to Runner's World magazine be too much?? Today a 5K, Tomorrow the world!


  1. Yay!! That's so awesome - congrats!! We just ran our first 5k in January - it was the Color Run and it was SO much fun! I want to run a glow one - there is one supposed to be coming to our city, but they haven't announced it yet!! Boo :( I'm hoping it comes later in the year when it cools off again. And that foam run you linked to looks amazing!! Ha, that would be so much fun.

    1. we missed doing the Color Run because it was on the same day in a different city here, but we are going to try and do Color Me Rad which I guess is similar. My 8 year old, who will be 9 at the time of Foam Fest REALLY wants to do that one but 10 is the age limit cut off. Booooo!


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