Friday, March 29, 2013

I Need Inspiration

I have these four tea towels that have been handed down to me. They were hand embroidered by my mother's grandmother Laura. Each one is different. They are old, and yellowing, and stained, and thinning. Some of them have holes and fraying edges. One was embroidered vertically while the other three were embroidered horizontally.

For months, they've been sitting folded in my kitchen not really on display and with no real purpose. But, I'd like to change that. Only, I need some inspiration. Originally I thought maybe I'd cut them up and make a cute bunting since I'm crushing on cute buntings right now. But I don't want to grow out of my bunting phase and wonder why the heck I'd cut up something old and handed down. The obvious answer would be to iron them flat and frame them somehow... but wall space to hang them in my kitchen is non-existent scarce. So, I need some inspiration and ideas. If you were me... what awesome thing would you do with these old handed down towels so they are appreciated and not stuffed away in some drawer?


  1. I don't know what size these are, but I'd use them for this:

  2. that is such a cute idea!!! I was stuck in a these-have-to-stay-in-the-kitchen rut and hadn't even thought about turning them into clothes. Wow! Thanks for the suggestion.


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