Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Almost seven years ago, I brought a baby home from the hospital on an Easter Sunday. She had been born two days before. That year, Easter landed on April 16th. We drove the two hours home from the hospital with a newborn and went to work hiding eggs in the backyard for my son who was almost two.

You remember those heifers I blogged about that my hubby put in the lot by the house so we could monitor the end of their pregnancies? Well, one of them had her baby today.

An Easter baby! There were two born yesterday and they are both black faced so I can't tell them apart... but the one born today is white faced. So I'll always until we sell it at auction know which one was our Easter calf. My mama was born on an Easter Sunday! I'd name this new calf after her but I'm afraid if I name it the same name as my mama, I'll get attached and then it'll be hard to watch it have to wean from its own mama and then be taken to be sold for meat. That's just life on the farm.

My hubby took the picture above. Didn't he do a good job?! You're hired, babe!! I didn't want to get into the lot and spook the new mama (she was giving me the stink eye for getting as close as I already was to her new baby, and really who can blame her) so I was standing outside the lot and my camera kept wanting to focus on the gate. I'm a shorty. So I handed the camera to my 6' 4" hubby who could see OVER the gate and he took that precious photo.

And while he was behind the camera he also took this...

Did you ever wonder what Rebekah of Schenewark farm looks like? Well, now you know. And now you also know what I wore for Easter today. I need a good BRIGHT chunky necklace to make that white dress pop. My mama got me those boots for my birthday this year. I love them.

I have a LOT of very thick, very long hair and I'm just now getting a grasp on the whole "beach waves" thing but that picture was taken at the end of the day. It was looking better this morning.

This picture shows my hair better, and also more accurately reflects my playful personality. It's kinda blurry though. Never mind babe, I take back that job offer. You stick to cows.

I hope you all had a blessed Easter!

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