Saturday, March 30, 2013

Grocery Haul Preparation

Tomorrow we will be in the city for Easter service. While we are there we are going to do our big monthly grocery shopping haul. So, I thought I'd post what I have planned for meals next week. If any of these sound appealing to you I can definitely share recipes. Just let me know!

Sunday: Will be eating out in the city

Monday: Since this is April Fool's Day, I'm thinking about doing something off the wall as a Supper prank. Haven't figured out what yet though. Ideas??

Tuesday: Wontons. Homemade. Deep fried crazy goodness served with rice and sweet and sour sauce and an Asian side salad. YUM YUM YUMMY. This is a family favorite and was actually the ONE thing my hubby requested when I asked if he had any meal requests for next week. They take a bit of prep work but make a huge batch and are sooooo worth the extra time and effort to make them homemade.

Wednesday: Enchiladas. I literally just use the recipe off the back of the can of enchilada sauce. Takes four ingredients (ground beef, shredded cheese, enchilada sauce, tortilla wraps). Easy and yummy and plenty leftover for hubby to take to work.

Thursday: Stuffed baked potatoes. sweet corn as a side.

Friday: Something pasta. Carb loading for 5K the next day.

Saturday: We will be back in the city to run a 5K this day so we will probably eat light beforehand and have a celebratory meal in the city after.

while I'm at the grocery store I'll be stocking up on plenty of this....

I can only find it in the city and it's the best, yummiest, creamiest yogurt I've ever eaten!! Oh man I'll probably dream about it tonight in anticipation of getting some tomorrow. Ha!

I've found this yogurt at HyVee and Natural Grocers, and their website says it is now available at Target. I wish Wal Mart would get it. Then I would only have to drive half an hour to get in instead of an hour and a half!

So that's what we are eating this week. Exciting huh?

I'll also be making a JoAnn's stop to stock up on some stuff to craft my pants!! Ok, not really my pants. Play on words there.


  1. That's my FAVORITE Greek yogurt! The other ones are loaded with sugars and this one has the lowest amount of sugars! I couldn't find it one week at Hy-Vee and I panicked! Thankfully it's back on the shelves!

  2. Misti I also found it at Natural Grocer and their website says they now carry it at Target. YIPPEE!!


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