Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Almost seven years ago, I brought a baby home from the hospital on an Easter Sunday. She had been born two days before. That year, Easter landed on April 16th. We drove the two hours home from the hospital with a newborn and went to work hiding eggs in the backyard for my son who was almost two.

You remember those heifers I blogged about that my hubby put in the lot by the house so we could monitor the end of their pregnancies? Well, one of them had her baby today.

An Easter baby! There were two born yesterday and they are both black faced so I can't tell them apart... but the one born today is white faced. So I'll always until we sell it at auction know which one was our Easter calf. My mama was born on an Easter Sunday! I'd name this new calf after her but I'm afraid if I name it the same name as my mama, I'll get attached and then it'll be hard to watch it have to wean from its own mama and then be taken to be sold for meat. That's just life on the farm.

My hubby took the picture above. Didn't he do a good job?! You're hired, babe!! I didn't want to get into the lot and spook the new mama (she was giving me the stink eye for getting as close as I already was to her new baby, and really who can blame her) so I was standing outside the lot and my camera kept wanting to focus on the gate. I'm a shorty. So I handed the camera to my 6' 4" hubby who could see OVER the gate and he took that precious photo.

And while he was behind the camera he also took this...

Did you ever wonder what Rebekah of Schenewark farm looks like? Well, now you know. And now you also know what I wore for Easter today. I need a good BRIGHT chunky necklace to make that white dress pop. My mama got me those boots for my birthday this year. I love them.

I have a LOT of very thick, very long hair and I'm just now getting a grasp on the whole "beach waves" thing but that picture was taken at the end of the day. It was looking better this morning.

This picture shows my hair better, and also more accurately reflects my playful personality. It's kinda blurry though. Never mind babe, I take back that job offer. You stick to cows.

I hope you all had a blessed Easter!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Grocery Haul Preparation

Tomorrow we will be in the city for Easter service. While we are there we are going to do our big monthly grocery shopping haul. So, I thought I'd post what I have planned for meals next week. If any of these sound appealing to you I can definitely share recipes. Just let me know!

Sunday: Will be eating out in the city

Monday: Since this is April Fool's Day, I'm thinking about doing something off the wall as a Supper prank. Haven't figured out what yet though. Ideas??

Tuesday: Wontons. Homemade. Deep fried crazy goodness served with rice and sweet and sour sauce and an Asian side salad. YUM YUM YUMMY. This is a family favorite and was actually the ONE thing my hubby requested when I asked if he had any meal requests for next week. They take a bit of prep work but make a huge batch and are sooooo worth the extra time and effort to make them homemade.

Wednesday: Enchiladas. I literally just use the recipe off the back of the can of enchilada sauce. Takes four ingredients (ground beef, shredded cheese, enchilada sauce, tortilla wraps). Easy and yummy and plenty leftover for hubby to take to work.

Thursday: Stuffed baked potatoes. sweet corn as a side.

Friday: Something pasta. Carb loading for 5K the next day.

Saturday: We will be back in the city to run a 5K this day so we will probably eat light beforehand and have a celebratory meal in the city after.

while I'm at the grocery store I'll be stocking up on plenty of this....

I can only find it in the city and it's the best, yummiest, creamiest yogurt I've ever eaten!! Oh man I'll probably dream about it tonight in anticipation of getting some tomorrow. Ha!

I've found this yogurt at HyVee and Natural Grocers, and their website says it is now available at Target. I wish Wal Mart would get it. Then I would only have to drive half an hour to get in instead of an hour and a half!

So that's what we are eating this week. Exciting huh?

I'll also be making a JoAnn's stop to stock up on some stuff to craft my pants!! Ok, not really my pants. Play on words there.

Friday, March 29, 2013

I Need Inspiration

I have these four tea towels that have been handed down to me. They were hand embroidered by my mother's grandmother Laura. Each one is different. They are old, and yellowing, and stained, and thinning. Some of them have holes and fraying edges. One was embroidered vertically while the other three were embroidered horizontally.

For months, they've been sitting folded in my kitchen not really on display and with no real purpose. But, I'd like to change that. Only, I need some inspiration. Originally I thought maybe I'd cut them up and make a cute bunting since I'm crushing on cute buntings right now. But I don't want to grow out of my bunting phase and wonder why the heck I'd cut up something old and handed down. The obvious answer would be to iron them flat and frame them somehow... but wall space to hang them in my kitchen is non-existent scarce. So, I need some inspiration and ideas. If you were me... what awesome thing would you do with these old handed down towels so they are appreciated and not stuffed away in some drawer?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What I've Learned in Nine Months

Well, our baby has officially been outside the womb for as long as she was in it. It's crazy how nine months being pregnant seems to drag on forever and then once they are in the outside world it goes by like a snap. I can not believe my baby is nine months old! I can not believe that we are now on the downhill count towards her first birthday! Waaaaaah

Yesterday was her nine month pediatric appt where we learned that our little mufkin is right on target for where she should be. She's small for her age which surprises me since she was my biggest baby at birth weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces. But don't let her small package fool you. As the doc said when he measured her head circumference... "she's all brain."

So in honor of my little toots turning nine months old I title this blog post: What I've Learned in Nine Months. Just a few things. I don't want to bore you with my infinite knowledge. *snort*

1.) So you've had a kid and think you know a thing or two about parenting a newborn? Think you could get pregnant again and do it all over with ease? HA! Baby #2 will be completely different from baby #1 and you'll spend their first year relearning everything & questioning everything that you thought you already knew that worked before. So when you get pregnant with baby #3 you'll think surely you're an old pro and what can they throw at you that you don't already know, right? BAHAHAHAHAHA *takes deep breath* BAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry... BAHAHAHAHAHA. Baby #3 has new and different tricks up her sleeve!

2.) Being pregnant at 22 and 24 is a LOT different than being pregnant on the seventh anniversary of your 24th birthday! Things change, man!

3.) Just when you think that you can't possibly stay awake for one. more. second. somehow, somewhere, you get just enough of a burst of energy to manage to stay awake for one. more. second. and then two more seconds and then three more seconds...

4.) If you cut out dairy from your diet, you'll lose a LOT of weight! (But you'll need to supplement with calcium pills. Don't learn this the way I learned it!)

5.) Some blow out diapers just aren't even worth saving the clothes the kid was wearing. Throw 'em away and call it a loss.

6.) Remember after you had that first baby and he/she was your world and then you got pregnant with another and you couldn't fathom dividing your love between two children? And then you find out that you don't have to divide your love because love doesn't divide it multiplies? Well, it's crazy, but it turns out it doesn't matter how many babies you have, somehow you have enough love multiplied to go around to them all! And even though you think your heart is so full it's going to bust, somehow it just keeps stretching to fuller and fuller capacity!

and finally

7.) When people constantly comment to you on how much your baby looks like her daddy, it really does no good to try and dig out baby pictures of yourself to "prove" that nuh-uh, you think she resembles you. Because, even though you grew that tiny human being inside your belly for nine months; even though you spent the first 18 weeks losing more weight than you gained total during your pregnancy; even though you birth that child out of your body with no pain medicine after nine hours of all excruciating back labor... she WILL have the nerve to come out looking nothing like you. But you'll secretly think it's just the cutest thing ever that she's a little miniature version of her daddy. Only cuter :)

The little darling herself. Taken yesterday with my phone at Panera Bread:

I wish you could see her shoes in this pic. They are leopard and adorable and will make you swoon. But shoot dang those jeans are too long. And that thumb in her mouth... yeah. Adorable right? Her daddy doesn't like that she's a thumb sucker but I think it's cute. But in this pic I think she was more chewing on it. Yesterday the pediatrician said that she'll probably bust a tooth in any day now (she doesn't have any yet) because she's showing all of the signs... and that usually when they get them late like this, they'll get them all at once. so yay! We have that to look forward to!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Day That Will Go Down In History

March 26th... the day we heard the words "congratulations you are cancer free" from my husband's oncologist... and the day I got the phone call "Becky, grandma died." Same day. Three years ago.

The pics I'm including with this post are from last year's Relay For Life. We wear lime green in honor of lymphoma awareness... the cancer that threatened to take my husband's life. Baby girl's onesie says "My Daddy is a Lymphoma Survivor."


Happy March 26th!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Day in March

It is wrong on so many levels that I have pictures like this to post at the end of March... but this is our farm today...

Favorite Things

... these are a few of my favorite things...

It's been a while since I've done a Favorite Things post so I thought I'd do one today.

Here are a few things I'm currently crushing on...

1.) King Arthur brand multi-purpose gluten free flour. We are reading the book Wheat Belly and trying to eliminate wheat from our diet. It is an eye opening book! We love this flour because cup for cup in recipes you really can't tell a difference. It makes just as amazing homemade noodles as regular hybridized flour. Can find at: HyVee, Natural Grocers

2.) Benefit's Dallas bronzer. I've literally wanted this since I first discovered it while living in England (seven years ago!) and just recently let myself make the purchase. It's well worth it. It gives the apples of the cheeks the perfect rosy-bronze glow. Can find at: Sephora, Ulta, or anywhere else that sells Benefit make-up (most high end department stores)

3.) Sexy Mother Pucker lip plumping gloss. Don't buy this unless you are ok with your lips feeling like they are going to tingle off your face. The tingle factor is pretty strong... but that just means the plumper is doing it's job. And, I love it. :) Can find at: Sephora, Ulta

4.) St. Ives Timeless Skin lotion. Need I say more? Can find at: Walmart, Walgreens

5.) OPI Elephantastic Pink nail polish. Currently what I'm wearing on my pedicured toe-sies. It's the perfect spring time bubble gum pink! Plus, I love the name. Can find: anywhere OPI is sold

If you end up trying any of these products and love them as much as I do... let me know about it! :)

*note* I have not been endorsed by any of these products. I just really do love them so much that I think you should too :)
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