Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Late Night Blogging

People in my house are all in bed, but I'm not tired, so I'm up blogging. I'll probably regret it as soon as my eyes shut and the baby wakes up wanting to eat.

Hubby is going into work early tomorrow so he can get off earlier so we can go to opening day of the Missouri State Fair! I'm hoping the weather is nice enough to stroll a newborn around!

I was going through pictures that I pulled off of my phone and decided to post a few random ones.

This is a view I took looking down on my hugely pregnant belly back in April or May. Ha! I couldn't see the pretty pedicure that I'd gotten the day before! I'm so glad baby girl is here... but I gotta admit I kinda miss that preggo belly. I loved being pregnant.

This is a picture of me and Jason on a date night back in February when my mom flew in to help me gain weight. Haha! Seriously... I was sick with all day sickness and losing weight so she flew in to help out with things and fatten me up with mama's good ole home cooking. While she was here she watched the kids so we could go on a date. Isn't my hubby HAWT!

Do I look like a 31 year old mama of three? The braces helped make me look younger than I am but they came off back in April, so this picture was taken sometime before then. Oh wait... I think this was taken on my 31st birthday in October. Yup, I'm almost sure of it. At this point I didn't know I was pregnant yet.

Have I written about the time I pulled this feather out of my ear after it caused me heartache for a whole week?? I haven't? That'll have to be for another day. I'm going to try and go get some sleep. :)

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