Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Gah! I can't keep up with this blog! I saw a friend on facebook blogged today and it reminded me that I'm neglecting my own. Not even sure if anyone reads this anymore!

School is in full swing. And along with that comes fall sports. I've got just about the cutest little peewee football player you've ever seen... and his little sister cheering him on on the peewee cheer squad. Last Saturday was their first game. It was on a grassy pot holey field, not on turf, and my little stud rolled his ankle during a tackle and then it was stepped on during the dog pile. Ouch! Thankfully, it wasn't broken. It looks much worse than it actually is and hopefully if he takes it easy at school this week, he'll be back on the ball field at this weekend's game.

What else?

Also with fall comes beautiful weather and more photo shoots. I'm starting to really book up for September which thrills me. I'll be posting some of those on here later.

Ok... I've got two extra kiddos at my house today after school so I'm going to end this short blog post for now and go play.

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