Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good Reminder

One of my favorite things about our house is a wall in our kitchen that we turned into a giant chalkboard. It literally takes up the whole wall. I love this wall for two reasons. The obvious reason is that it allows us to be creative. The kids (and even us adults) can draw murals and leave love notes. I've used this chalkboard as a huge calendar during busy school months with several sports activities going on at once. Every family member had their own color on the calendar. I've used it for homeschooling lessons. I've used it to write out meal planning and shopping lists. But right now, it's serving as a good reminder to us. I've recently written out one of my favorite scriptures. I paraphrased a little so to see the whole verse in it's accuracy, look it up. But this gives the basic gist... to not sin in our anger and to only speak if it's going to be helpful to others.... which means no bickering, no gossiping, no cussing, no arguing, no tattling, no talking back or speaking with nasty attitude behind the words. It's kinda hard to ignore when a six foot chalkboard wall is staring us in the face every time we gather in the kitchen.

Oh... and as for the other reason why it's one of my favorite parts of the house...

I painted this chalkboard wall in the house when it was only Jason's house and we were just dating. What kind of guy lets a girl that he's only dating do something crazy to his house like that? A guy who was crazy about the girl, would literally do anything for her, and just knew that one day it'd be her house to. That's who. :)

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