Thursday, June 30, 2011

How To: Recipe Binders

I love food! I love to eat it (obviously), I love to cook it, I love to stare at beautiful pictures of it, I love to walk into a room and smell it.... and I'm lucky in that I married a man who loves to cook. There's a plus side to this and a downside to this though. The obvious plus side is that he does a LOT to help in the kitchen and his food is always always yummy. Yes, I typed always twice. Purposefully. That's how yummy. The down side is that I can go all day craving a food and have it in my head that I'm going to make it for supper and I'll find out that Jason has already laid out a meat to cook for supper, or he's craving something different. But most of the time it's great to have someone who is so much help in the kitchen and who also loves to try new culinary things.

Because we are both such avid food lovers, we subscribe to a few food magazines (Rachael Ray, Food Network, Taste of Home... to name a few). If we saved all of those magazines and allowed them to pile up they would take over our house! But there are recipes that we want to keep to try out. So, instead of keeping the whole magazine we will tear out whatever pages have recipes that we want to try... and chuck the rest. Shame on me for not recycling, I know. You find a recycling company that will pick up in the middle of nowhere and I'll be all over it.

This now leaves the mess of having a million cut out recipes that could just float around and get lost or trash the house. So... here's my solution...

recipe binders!

I got these four binders in different colors at Target and I use each one for different types of food. I used stickers to label the spines of the binders (Meats, Veggies, Breads, and Sweets).

What I do is... I cut out the recipe that I'm wanting to save, glue it to a plain piece of computer paper, and stick it in a clear plastic sleeve. This way, the pages don't get all torn and nasty while I'm flipping through, the corners of the recipe don't peel up off of the paper, and best of all... while I'm cooking and I have the recipe binder on the counter in front of me for reference, it's not getting all messy. If anything splatters I can just wipe it up! For now, the meat binder is chock full while the breads binder isn't so full. In the meat binder I have recipes devided up by meat (seafood, chicken, beef, pork, ham, turkey, etc.)

And there you have it. My "simple" solution. I put simple in quotes because it IS a bit time consuming and messy...

... but totally worth it in the end.
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