Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow What Fun!

We had lots of talk this weekend of snow... but by this morning had nary a flake so off the little tot went to school and my parents who had been visiting for the last couple of days hit the road back to Virginia.

But by mid morning... the flakes slowly started falling and by noon were coming down heavy.

No surprise... I got a call from the school principal that school was being called early (1:00)

Total, we got about three inches. Enough to hook an old car hood up to pull behind the four wheeler and show the kids how country people do snow!

I guess I could have waited until the snow had accumulated more, but it was so beautiful coming down, that I couldn't resist snapping some photos, even before the ground was covered entirely (which it is now!)

I even captured perfect snowflakes landing in my girls hair. Beauty!

Tomorrow I'll have to post pictures of the fun that was had on that old car hood! But for tonight, I'm "hittin' the hay!" We had friends over to play in the snow with us, and we invited them to stay for supper (burgers!) which turned in to us all watching that nail biter of a BCS National Championship Game. No school tomorrow so this mama is sleeping in!


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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos and the one of the snowflakes in your daughters hair is just priceless.
    Enjoy your snow days!


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