Sunday, January 16, 2011

Drawing a Line In The Sand

Looks like a tape measure, right??


Well... sort of.

Tonight, in absense of any rope, string, tape, etc. and since we are remodeling our bathroom and there was a tape measure lying around. Tonight... tonight that tape measure is doing double as SANITY!

I had been trying to edit pictures and for some reason both kids thought me sitting down was their open invitation to climb all over me as a jungle gym. It happens EVERY time I sit down. Every.... Time!...

So tonight I drew a line in the sand so to speak with the tape measure and told they kids that they were NOT ALLOWED to cross the line. It was only about two feet away from me so they could still get riiiiiiight up to the line to ask questions, tattle, sing songs, pick their nose, etc. But they took seriously the order not to cross it...

and my sanity was restored!

Try it... it works!

And did I mention we are remodeling our bathroom?? More on that later :)

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