Thursday, January 6, 2011

If You Love The Life You Live...

Miss me??

Hopefully I can be a better blogger in 2011.

Last night I made Chicken and Noodles for supper. Now, when I say that I made chicken and noodles, most of you are thinking chicken noodle soup out of a can. NO NO NO!! Chicken and noodles are like chicken and dumplings.... only better! Noodles are different from dumplings in that you use eggs to make noodles, and you don't use eggs in dumplings. The particular chicken and noodle recipe that I use has been passed down for generations. It was my mom's recipe before me, and my paternal grandma's before her. I'm not actually sure how far back the recipe goes. But it's a favorite in our house... and one of the only sure fire meals that I know my 4 year old picky eater will eat... and eat... and eat.

So last night I dumped all of my stuff into a bowl to made my noodle dough and I plunged my hands in to knead... and gooey dough instantly stuck to my wedding rings. So, I took them off and put them on top of this little wodden block that I have sitting in my kitchen window with this saying on it.

This block... I bought back in July on a trip out east to Virginia with my in-laws to visit my parents. I saw this block and instantly fell in love. I knew that I wanted it to sit in my kitchen window where I would see it every day as I looked out at the front yard.  The block simply says "If You Love The Life You Live, You Will Live A Life Of Love."

So, I absentmindedly sat my rings on this block because I needed a place to set them, and it was there. And I was instantly stopped in my tracks. The irony!! Three of my favorite things... my rings covered in noodle dough from a family recipe... and this quote block. Naturally, I HAD to snap a picture.

I recently stumbled across this blog [Blessed Little Nest] and yesterday she wrote a post that spoke directly to my heart.  [read the blog post here]

Quoting part of what she wrote:
"And then I realized what it was trying to tell me.  What God was
trying to tell me.  He wants me to not only accept my life as it is on
this Earth, but to love it.  He wants me to love that my life doesn't
look the way I had planned, so that my heart can let go of what it's still
hanging onto.  He wants me to love the broken and crumpled up parts
of myself so that I can love myself and the world without hesitation.  He
wants me to love the person in front of me, even if it's a person that's
afraid of me and my loss.  He wants me to love like Him."
(read her entire blog post and that will make more sense)

Loving the life I live.... and living a life of love...


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