Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An Alphabetical Photo-Documented Exploration

Monday, school got out early because of snow and there was no school Tuesday or today. Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon we spent car hood sledding and playing with friends, but today we decided not to sled and to stay inside instead, but, the kitchen table fort only kept the kids entertained for so long. So, when Jason laid down to take a nap this afternoon to get ready for the night shift at work tonight, I took the kids outside to keep the house quiet for him. I decided to do something fun yet educational and the kids loved it! They especially loved that they had their own job titles and took those jobs very seriously!

I give you... my assistants...

The Journalist and the Assistant Photographer.

We decided to take a walk around our yard and see if we could take a picture of something that started with every letter of the alphabet. It was great to hear the kids shouting out ideas and words!

So without further adieu...

An Alphabetical Photo-Documented Exploration:

(forgive my filthy back glass!! We live down a gravel road!)

Some of them the kids had to get creative (Orange, Up, Jump). And some of them we had to cheat. The picture of our dog was taken Monday. She wouldn't cooperate for a picture today. And X... well, we didn't have any xylophones or x-ray machines laying around the farm.

Oh... and how fun is it that "Yellow" is yellow?  :)

My brain is swirling with other ways that we could do an alphabetical photo documentary. Maybe I'll make it a monthly thing.

I want to see someone else put a spin on this! Let's see some alphabetical photo documentaries folks! If you do one, please leave a comment here with your link so I can check it out!


I wrote this post in 2011 but in April 2013 I linked it up HERE:

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  1. Hi Becky!
    Thanks for commenting on the paper mosaic I made. I really loved making it. In fact, I made several more after that one that look way better to give out at Christmas. That's the way it always goes! You end up giving the best projects away!

    This photo alphabet is amazing! I'm totally going to rip you off and do this myself!


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