Thursday, October 7, 2010


Tuesday, I set off into the woods to help Jason cut wood. I'm using the term "help" loosely here because as you can see... I only took pictures of HIM cutting wood. My job was to load it onto the trailer. But... let's be honest... that's no easy job!!! I definitely got my workout for the day. And we treated outselves to lunch out afterwards.

My lumberjack:

I told him he needed a plaid button up shirt and a roll of Brawny paper towels for these pictures. He only rolled his eyes at me.

Look at that saw dust flying up!
This was my job... stacking the wood on this trailer...

And while we were busy doing that... this precious little pumpkin was entertaining herself in the truck...

Little dumplin'!! She had to coordinate just the right outfit and make sure to bring along her purse... even though I told her we were going into the woods to cut wood. Ha! I love this silly girl. SOOO much. Today, she wore a backpack and went outside to pretend she was waiting on a school bus to pick her up. That image broke my heart... my last baby. Where have five years gone?? That's for another blog post though.
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