Sunday, September 5, 2010

My First Blog Post Ever! (on this blog, at least)

WHEW! I know what you are all thinking... Anooooother blog. I know, right? Well, I figured the blog I had while we lived in the city just wasn't fitting anymore since... well... we aren't in the city.

So, welcome to the new blog! This is it, I promise. I hope. I think.

We will still be celebrating over at, but this blog will be more for blogging about our life on the farm... and when we leave the farm every now and then.

So for my very first blog post ever (on this blog, at least,) I wanted to share a cute, kind of ironic story for you all.

Last weekend, my parents swung through on their way home from dropping my youngest sister off at college in Oklahoma and they stayed a night with us out on the farm. My mom used to be an elementary school teacher and did a couple of years specifically as a reading coach. The woman (and I say this literally) is obsessed with books. More specifically, she's obsessed with kid's books. She knows all the great children's authors and what books are great age-related reads for any age.

Here lately, she's been divvy-ing up her stash between me and my siblings to pass down to our kids. So, while she was here last weekend she brought us a whole tub full of books! As she was going through her books, if any of them had my name written in them that they had belonged to me, or if she specifically remembered me loving a certain book, she made sure that those got brought to me. We were sitting there going through the books she brought and I noticed that there were a few farm related books. I thought it was cute that she'd given those to me, since I live on a farm now and all... but come to find out... they had all been mine as a kid! They all had my name written in them. One was even written in my little Becky handwriting. So cute! I'm so excited to have these books on the farm with me to read to my kids (and grandkids some day. Some day far FAR away in the far FAR away future.)

My mom and dad both instilled the love of reading in me... and it's from a favorite childhood book that I got the name for this new blog. Anyone remember Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm??

Well... I am Rebekah of Schenewark Farm...

... and this is my life.

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  1. Love the post! I look forward to many more... It makes me smile everytime I think of how happy you are :)


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