Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Blog-o-sphere

Jason went back to work on nights tonight. Which means he left about an hour ago and will work from 7:00 tonight until 7:00 tomorrow morning.

So it's just me and the kids tonight. And our two very fierce watchdogs... a S.W.A.T. team staked out in the bushes... a personal bodyguard... and neighbors a phone call away who all own fully stocked gun safes. So, don't get any ideas!

I'm sitting here at my worthless piece of junk computer which literally almost got smashed to bits last night by yours truly. Except then I realized I wouldn't be able to edit the pictures that I had just taken, and I kid you not... that's the only thing that saved my laptop last night. Because I was comletely ready to throw this one in the drive way and back over it with the 'burb several times and then drive to Best Buy in the city an hour and a half away today to buy a new one. And this was all justified in my mind because really I hate this laptop with everything in me. It's a piece of junk. But... I got a good nights sleep plus a few extra hours (thank you honey)... and somehow, the laptop lived to see another day, because really... is it the end of the world if it only stays juiced if I physically hold the cord into the back of the computer the whole time I'm using it?? I can think of worse things.

So I'm sitting here. Listening to the kids play. Watching the sun set. Editing those pictures I told you about, and browsing various blogs that I love to read.

And I want to know...

what are some of your favorite blogs?

Right now I'm loving She writes like my head thinks. I totally get it.

Check her out... and leave me a comment with some of your faves.  :)


  1. "The Cooking Vent" is a blog created by an old friend named Rebekah, who grew up in Charleston, but moved to the bay area in California to help plant a church. She is an excellent cook!! :)

    She tells it like it is. I don't even know when or where I started reading her. She really writes visually.


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