Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ants [Cricket] In My Pants

Have I ever told you all about the time I was pitching a fit in front of my husband and the two younger kids... and a cricket was in my pants?


I was standing there in the kitchen having a hissy about something. The two younger kids were at the table. I'm mid-rant when it feels like something is crawling up my leg inside my pants.

So I start screaming "I have to take my pants off!!!!!" as I'm trying to literally throw my pants off and my six year old boy covers his eyes.

Jason starts laughing at me wondering what in the world has possessed me and at this point I'm shaking my pants, trying to convince him that something was in them... when sure enough a big ole cricket drops out.

And to behonest... I'm kinda grateful it was "just" a cricket since I had visions of a creepy crawly spider being in my pants.

Oh... and there was the time that a bee was in my pants and stung me on the inner thigh twice before I could get my pants off to let it free.

what is WITH me and insects getting up in my pants??

Hmmm... I'll have to think on this today.

Happy Literacy day! Click the tab at the top that says "Let's Celebrate" later. I'll be posting a list of people's favorite "must-read" books.

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